Photographer - Andrea Giuseppe Sanfilippo

New Zealand

New Zealand might be described as a condensate of nature and loneliness, and unending sheeps herds at first sight. However its unique position, make it one of the most peculiare countries in the world, in particular the presence of the temperate jungle, wingless birds and unique fauna & flora, very active volcanic activity and unforgiving weather. All these aspects might have well moulded the culture of the ancient Maori tribes, which, as an example, made use of the so-called Haka war dance in order to exploit the echoes of the hilly countryside, and adored volcanos.

1. Waterfall, Milford Sound fjord.

2. "Reflections", Milford Sound fjord.

3. The magnificence of the fjord as compared to a ferry boat, Milford Sound fjord.

4. Autumn view of the Tongariro National park.

5. Crossing the temperate rain forest, Tongariro National Park.

6. Ferns in the Tongariro National park.

7. Franz Josef glacier.

8. Maori performing the Haka dance, Rotorua.

9. The "champagne" waterpool, Rotorua.

10. Crossing the Abel Tasman National Park.

11. West coast, Woodpecker bay.

12. Archway islands, Puponga.

13. The fierce ocean, Punakaiki.

14. Limestone rocks carved by the sea, Punakaiki.

15. Fierce winds in the Cook strait.

16. Rocks brought ashore by the storm, Te Waewae bay.

17. Lake Tekapo shortly after a storm.

18. The tree of Wanaka lake, Wanaka.