Photographer - Andrea Giuseppe Sanfilippo


The photographs describe a personal view of Iran as of 2016. Iran, previously known as Persia, has a very long and remarkable story, where cultures and religions deeply mingled and sometimes got lost during historical events. Iran in 2016 is characterised by a strong interplay between traditions, religion and sharia, and a few "infiltrations" of the modern times. My photographs describe the deep cultural roots (also reflected in the architecture) and actual contrasts.

1. Mosque, Kashan.

2. Khomeini and Khamenei, Isfahan.

3. Holy shrine, Kashan region.

4. 4. Holy shrine, Kashan region.

5. Jameh mosque, Yazd.

6. Origins part 1. The flow of time on a traditional mud and bricks wall, Natanz.

7. Origins part 2. Basrelief with people bringing gifts from all over the empire, Persepolis..

8. Cuneiform writing, Persepolis.

9. Architecture in a traditional building, Kashan.

10. A carpet shielding a car from sun beams. Jameh mosque in the background. Yazd.

11. Women rushing for the friday night prayers. Yazd.

12. Bazar in Isfahan.

13. Bicycle in front of a door. Yazd.

14. Youngster driving a motorbike in Isfahan.

15. A car parked in Yazd.

16. Music taste (veiled woman in the background). Abyaneh.

17. Music shop, Yazd.

18. Imam mausoleum. A man sitting together with two women. Shiraz.

19. Doves at sunset in Yazd.